EUROPEAN CAPITALS – Learn Countries and Capital Cities of Europe with Flags

Let’s learn European capitals. Here is an educational video to learn countries and capital cities of Europe with flags and pronunciation. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos →

Learning the capital cities of countries is an important part of general education. The first video of our world capitals series start covers the European cities. We bring you 51 states and capitals of Europe. We present each country and its capital together with a high-quality photo from the capital city, the pronunciation of the capital city’s name and the flag of the country. We believe that this is an excellent way to learn the capitals of Europe.

This video is ideal for English learners, children at kindergarten or school, and for adults who are interested in European geography. If you are a passionate traveler, you can count how many of the European capitals you have already visited.

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List of European Countries and Capitals:
 France : Paris
 United Kingdom : London
 Italy : Rome
 Germany : Berlin
 Spain : Madrid
 Netherlands : Amsterdam
 Austria : Vienna
 Portugal : Lisbon
 Greece : Athens
 Czech Republic : Prague
 Sweden : Stockholm
 Poland : Warsaw
 Denmark : Copenhagen
 Romania : Bucharest
 Croatia : Zagreb
 Switzerland : Bern
 Belgium : Brussels
 Finland : Helsinki
 Hungary : Budapest
 Russia : Moscow
 Serbia : Belgrade
 Ukraine : Kiev
 Bulgaria : Sofia
 Slovakia : Bratislava
 Norway : Oslo
 Ireland : Dublin
 Turkey : Ankara
 Belarus : Minsk
 Bosnia and Herzegovina : Sarajevo
 Moldova : Chişinău
 Lithuania : Vilnius
 Albania : Tirana
 Latvia : Riga
 North Macedonia : Skopje
 Slovenia : Ljubljana
 Kosovo : Pristina
 Estonia : Tallinn
 Cyprus : Nicosia
 Montenegro : Podgorica
 Malta : Valletta
 Iceland : Reykjavík
 Kazakhstan : Astana
 Georgia : Tbilisi
 Azerbaijan : Baku
 Andorra : Andorra la Vella
 Armenia : Yerevan
 Liechtenstein : Vaduz
 San Marino
 Vatican City