KNOWLEDGE OF US – The Best Winter Vacation Destinations in Oregon USA

The Best Winter Vacation Destinations in Oregon (USA)
From lush forests to snowy mountains to temperate Portland, Oregon has much to offer, even in the wet and chilly months of winter. If you love to ski, you’ve come to the right place, but skiing isn’t the only way to enjoy the Beaver State. Cozy up at a mountain lodge, enjoy seafood on the coast or explore Oregon’s top cities. Expect to travel with some coats, rain gear or at least a sturdy determinedness to get a little soggy and you’re all set to go.
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The Best Winter Vacation Destinations in Oregon (USA)
1. Bend.
A frigid winter dawn near Pine Mountain east of Bend, Oregon, in the area known as ‘The Badlands.’
Bend is one of Oregon’s most solid destinations in both summer and winter. The area in and around Bend is a veritable winter wonderland. Located in a high desert and surrounded by mountains, you’ll find plenty of snow—up to 30 feet per year in the mountains, but less than 30 inches in town. If a ski vacation is what you seek, then Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort is nearby. There’s also ample opportunity to go snowshoeing, rent snowmobiles or even take a dog sled ride!
2. Sunriver Resort.
The lure of Hollywood, international celebrities, and the mild breezes from the Pacific Ocean makes Los Angeles an obvious addition to the list of top U.S. tourist destinations. Visit L.A.’s famous beaches, such as Malibu or Santa Monica, go shopping on Rodeo Drive, try touring Beverly Hills, and walk along the boardwalk in LA’s most famous beachfront neighborhood known as Venice Beach.
3. Mt. Hood and Timberline Lodge
If you’re in the mood for a winter vacation, snow and all, Mt. Hood is one of Oregon’s top spots to find it. Book a room at the cozy Timberline Lodge because there’s no finer way to enjoy a snowy vacation than to pair it with a lodge where you can curl up by a fireplace in your room in the evenings. Mt. Hood is home to not one, but five different ski resorts, including Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline, Skibowl and Cooper Spur Mountain Resort. Beyond the resorts, there are even more snowy trail systems to snowshoe or cross-country ski, as well as tubing hills to sled or tube down a slope. You want snow, you can’t go wrong at Mt. Hood.
4. Portland.
Portland’s weather stays fairly temperate all year round. So, yes, it does get a little rainy in the winter, but so long as you’ve got the right gear, there’s no reason why Portland isn’t a great winter vacation destination. While exploring the city’s amazing parks (Forest Park and Washington Park, we’re looking at you) may or may not be as enjoyable depending on the weather, the city’s amazing dining scene is just as amazing whether it’s raining or not.
5. The Oregon Coast
Winter is not the best time of year to visit the Oregon Coast. Whether you’re looking at Astoria or Cannon Beach or Gold Beach, count on likely a rain and wind filled vacation. Skip heading to the coast for walks on the beach unless you really enjoy sideways rain (and that’s not to say there aren’t lovely days on the coast in January and February, but statistically you’re more likely to get wind whipped).
6. Hood River in the Columbia Gorge
In the summer, Hood River is known as the windsurfing capital of the world. With its incredible winds whipping through the Columbia Gorge, windsurfing and kite surfing are big here. And while those activities mostly lose their appeal when the temperatures drop, Hood River still has plenty of chilly appeal. Like Timberline Lodge, Hood River makes a strong base for ski vacations as Mt. Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur are just an hour away. And, yes, you can still go windsurfing if you want to in the winter… nothing stops Northwesterners from enjoying the outdoors. Just be ready to suit up to stay warm!
7. The Willamette Valley
While you might think of visiting Oregon’s wine country as a summer activity, it’s not like wine stops just because the clouds come out. In fact, warming up with a glass of wine might be just what the doctor ordered when the winter blues have you down.
Boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts dot the Willamette Valley and turn your winter vacation into a cozy get away. Look to the Black Walnut Inn if you want to combine beautiful views, top-notch culinary offerings and a vineyard on the property. Rooms come with a complimentary bottle of wine to get you started.
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