Mexico’s World-Class Rock Climbing Destinations (Beat the Crowds & Soak in the Culture)

* Learn about Northern & Central Mexico’s best rock climbing destinations from an expert local rock climbing guide.
* Get an overview of the different climbing styles and rock types available, as well as logistics advice for climbing in Mexico — including transportation, where to stay, and rest-day activities.
* Hear why Central Mexico is one of the coolest new places to climb.
* Get the latest info for the 2020-2021 climbing season (including Covid considerations) from local resident, guide, instructor, route developer and author of three Mexico rock climbing guidebooks, Simeon Heimowitz.

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Banjercito TIP Link (referenced at 8:53 and 1:34:53):

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00:00 Intro
3:18 About me: Simeon Heimowitz
4:16 Route Development in Mexico
6:15 Map: Major Rock Climbing Areas in Mexico + Nearby Airports
7:17 Transportation tips & logistics (see also 6m20s and 1h30m24s)
14:06 Overview: Northern & Central Mexico Rock Climbing
15:55 Guidebooks for Mexico Rock Climbing

19:02 —Northern Mexico—
19:31 El Potrero Chico
27:00 Culo del Gato
29:50 El Salto
32:08 Puente de Dios

34:58 —Central Mexico—
35:09 Bernal (Peña de Bernal)
43:34 Aculco (Cascada de la Concepción)
56:07 Jilotepec (Las Peñas de Dexcani)
1:03:03 El Chonta
1:08:46 Las Manzanas
1:12:04 Mineral del Chico

1:14:12 More Logistics + Rest day Activities
1:20:47 Why We Recommend climbing in Central Mexico (Summary)
1:22:32 Contact Info & Who we strive to be in the climbing community
1:27:40 Q&A
1:28:10 How does Aculco crack climbing compare to Devil’s Tower crack climbing?
1:30:24 Advice to travel safely through Mexico, especially driving your car from the US?
1:35:34 Is there a place for boulderers to rent / borrow a crashpad instead of carrying one from the US?
1:38:02 Comments from a repeat traveler to Mexico
1:40:12 Thanks & closing comments

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