Our Message To The World ♥ Bohemian Soul Diary

We don’t travel to escape life, we travel so life doesn’t escape us.
Upon our wonderful journeys we write and we film, we laugh, we challenge ourselves, and we live.

The world, the animals, and the people we meet inspire us everyday to keep trying to make a positive change in this world. To leave our footprint of kindness, compassion, and love.

… Love and light xo

Juliana & Mark


All elephant footage shot in Kanchanaburi Thailand at Elephant Haven- which is part of the wonderful Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary Group.
Please support them in their mission, educate yourself, and spread the good word on the transition from riding elephants to loving them.

Other locations:
Ko Kood and Koh Wai Thailand.


I Dream…

Sometimes i dream of a world where this feeling lasts forever.
Where we share the understanding that we are all in this together.
Each one of us, here, right now, thinking… breathing…alive.

This world is far from perfect.
Yet love exists all around us.
So let’s promise each other never to forget.
Not to let this go.
Even though we both know that we will.

There is so much more to this.

We don’t need to hurt, each other, the creatures of our planet, the earth between our toes.
It begins with a decision.
The decision to chose love over fear.
Compassion over self
To give instead of break.
To understand that each of us is a canvas blank at the start…

And still sometimes i dream of silly things.
Like humans living equal. And all the animals being unchained.
And power ruling from our hearts.
Instead of from institutions or all these borders drawn with crayons, or by the 1%.
Where we become the stewards, the protectors, and accept our throne that is still sadly sitting empty.

I dare you to wake up.
Disconnect from all this noise.
I dare you to look up at the sky and realize.Your existence. Purpose, your goals, and dreams.
That you and me, and every choice we make can contribute to the change we need to see.
Look into their eyes.
Look into your own.

There is so much more to this.

I hope this feeling lasts forever.

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An Inspirational Travel Video
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