Packing for Kids – TOP 10 WHAT to PACK for Kids on Vacation

Wondering, about Packing for Kids, for Vacation? Worried about forgetting something? Join Mermaid Nina as she discusses and shares exactly what she packs for her family in this Packing for Kids Video. After taking MANY Vacations with her family, she has learned what items are 100% NEEDED and what items make Vacationing with kids easier. Packing for Kids can be challenging as kids have SO MUCH STUFF. Nina knows exactly what to pack and has learned from personal experience what items help make everyone happy. Think sleeping, long hot days, boredom, hangry pains, lol. Nina has learned what items are Vacation Essentials. Items you might not think to pack, until you wish you did. WATCH and PACK with ease, knowing you tried to think of everything. Make sure to CHECK out her Park Videos, so you can SEE exactly what Disney is like RIGHT NOW, during Covid? Is it safe? Crowds? Lines? Did her kids have fun? FOLLOW Along and Subscribe as this is just ONE of many Disney World Covid videos to come!

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