Solo Female Travel Mexico – Is Puerto Vallarta Safe? + Yelapa & Los Arcos

#SoloTravel #PuertoVallarta #Mexico In today’s show, we travel to Yelapa, Mexico, and take a paddleboard trip to Los Arcos. I’ll talk to two women that are solo-travel experts about safety in Puerto Vallarta and safety in Mexico. We discuss general safety, food safety, transportation, and ocean safety.

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00: Video Overview
48: Yelapa, Mexico with Solo Travel Experts (Solo Female Travelers)
1:50 Whale watching season in Puerto Vallarta
2:43 Yelapa Waterfall
3:12 Safety in Puerto Vallarta, Is Puerto Vallarta Safe?
3:24 Is it safe to walk around Puerto Vallarta?
3:52 Olga Maria Interview, Solo Female Travel Safety in Mexico
4:40 Safety Tips from Solo Travel Expert Dez from
5:08 Transportation Safety in Puerto Vallarta
5:20 Are taxis safe? Is Uber safe in Puerto Vallarta?
5:34 Is the bus safe in Puerto Vallarta?
6:20 Hurricane Season, Rainy Season in Puerto Vallarta
6:36: Mismaloya Beach to Los Arcos
6:48 Puerto Vallarta Ocean Safety
7:14 Paddleboarding In Puerto Vallarta, Los Arcos
9:16 Are the oceans being in Puerto Vallarta?
10:32 Puerto Vallarta Beaches
11:00 Is the food safe to eat in Puerto Vallarta?
12:24 Can you drink the water in Puerto Vallarta? Puerto Vallarta Water Quality
13:00 Crime in Puerto Vallarta
13:17 Are there cartels in puerto vallarta?
13:46 AARP ranks Puerto Vallarta the best place to retire

Travel experts interviewed:
Dez is a Solo-Female Travel Expert, Blogger, and Guide.

Olga Maria is a Travel and Lifestyle Expert and world travel blogger at and

Vallarta SUP & Surf: