The Best Family Friendly Destinations In Costa Rica

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Family Friendly Destinations In Costa Rica

Hey, what are the best family-friendly destinations in Costa Rica?

What I always say is that Costa Rica, the whole country is family-friendly because we have animals a lot of animals everywhere and almost 35% of our country’s protected with national parks which makes every destination very interesting.

If I were to say the places that are ideal for families due to infrastructure; having comfortable hotels with swimming pools; all-inclusive resorts, maybe or just access to hospitals if something happens at in an emergency.

I would recommend Arenal of course because there you can enjoy a lot of family activities like hot springs, hanging bridges and you can do some hikes. You can go for a family bicycle ride in the jungle or take a boat tour. You can go kayaking.

Monteverde, Costa Rica is ideal for bird-watching and also a little bit of adventure, especially for families. I love it because it has places like a frog pond so you can pay an entrance fee to get into the frog pond in the morning to see all of the frog species that are awake during the day. Then you can return by the end of the day and start watching all of those frogs that are waking up at night.

It’s a pretty great family trip, and you’ll get to know a lot about biodiversity and animals.

For beach destinations, one of my favorite places for families would be Manuel Antonio beach in Costa Rica.

As a family, you can enjoy watching monkeys in the morning very close to where they are having breakfast. You’re going to see them interact with nature up close! There is a sloth center close to the beach, or you can relax on the beach if that’s something that you would like to do as well.

And then in the area of Guanacaste, there are several options. You have Papagayo where you have luxury resorts like the Four Seasons or further down all-inclusive like the Westin or the W Hotel. They are all fantastic places for a family where you can have a lot of activities. The Weston has a kids club so you can send your kids to activities while you relax on the beach or the swimming pool or play some golf.

Those are the key places that I recommend for in Costa Rica for families. If you have any more questions, please leave us your comments here, and we will reply and if you have any questions. Thanks for watching!