The Bohemian Tour 2019

A movie created from the photos and video clips of our tour to Bohemia. photos and videos are captured from the various cities we visited and the rural scenes we crossed on our way there. This was the Itinerary of our travel: London, England; Calais crossing to Paris, Colmar, France; Munich, Germany; Salzburg, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; Vienna, Austria; Budapest, Hungry; Zagreb, Rijeka and Opatija Croatia; Padua, Venice and Milan, Italy; Geneva, Switzerland; Nancy, France and back to London via the Dover crossing. Making a grand total of 9 countries and 14 cities. this was a coach tour which was completed in 23 days.
We wish to thank Virgin Atlantic for air travel services to Europe and ECT Travel for coordinating and arranging our Itinerary, booking hotels and reserving tours for our Group. Special thanks also Nick and his team at Hammonds Coaches ( for taking care of us so well and providing coach services through all our destinations. They were exceptional in putting up with all our demands, needs and at times folly, all in good spirits. Thanks also to Joseph our chief tour-guide who is a walking encyclopaedia of things Europe and who made sure that we knew and understood what we were looking at. Final we thank our intrepid tour director Mrs. Sherry Harewood without whom none of this would have been possible. Special thanks also to the Principal and contributing staff members of Harrison College Barbados (Kolij) under whose auspices the entire project was facilitated.