Top 5 DVC Resorts for Families with Toddlers

This Vlog is based on a post I published on my Blog, “Disney Days”.

My family and I purchased into Disney Vacation Club right after my son turned 1. Even though my husband and I had been coming to Walt Disney World since we were kids, we realized that having amenities such as a kitchen was a game changer and made our trips much more enjoyable.

In researching our first visit as DVC members, I read so many articles and blog posts about best DVC resorts for families. However, now with 8 DVC stays under our belt, I realize that “families” doesn’t necessarily mean a family with a toddler. And traveling with a toddler makes things very different. So, with that said, this list may be controversial. These are not my personal top 5 DVC resorts, these are my top 5 simply because I am traveling with a toddler.

So how did I come up with this list? Well, there are many factors, but simply put, resorts with a playground and/or community hall are among our favorites. In my opinion, a resort with a playground is a must when traveling with preschoolers and toddlers. There are times when you need to let your little ones burn off their excess energy at a playground. We realized this more than ever last December at the Polynesian. We had a planned resort day and it was too cold for the pool. We quickly found there was not much else for our son to do at the resort except play in the sand near the waterfront. So, we ended up going to the Magic Kingdom and going to the Dumbo playground JUST so my son could play. Not really ideal.

I will also add that in considering this list, I am using a deluxe studio villa to compare all resorts since that is the most popular room category.

UPDATE: Since recording this Vlog, we have stayed at Disney’s Riviera Resort. I would definitely add it to this list. The Splash Pad is fantastic, there is a small community hall and while there are no playgrounds at the actual resort, there are some at Caribbean Beach within walking distance. I would probably place it #3 on my list.

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