TURKEY Travel Guide! The Best Things To Do & Places to Visit on Vacation! Video Tour of Trip Tips!

My Turkey Travel Itinerary:
My Turkey MAP:


Sept 26 Flight to Turkey

Sept 27 Istanbul Begins
• Arrive Istanbul 4:05 PM
• Take a taxi to AirBnB – (Exact location in maps) Rent Here:

• 6:00 Eat dinner on Street with Galata Tower.
• Buy Food and Cereal for Trip on Same Street.

Sept 28 Full Istanbul Day
• 9:00 AM – Visit Hagia Sophia.
• TIP: For Women buy a nice Hijab
(headscarf) before you enter the mosque
or buy a cheap and ugly one at Hagia
Sophia. If you do want a nice Hijab before
entering the Mosque this is a nearby store to buy one (see Map): Alhabra Gift
• Before going to a Mosque check prayer times here:

• TIP: The best time to visit a mosque is 30 minutes after a prayer time ends
and before 4PM. Its hardest to visit mosques 1 hour before prayer time until
30 minutes after.
• Tour Guides available for more information
• 11:00 AM – Basilica Cistern if you have extra time (See Map)
• 2:00 PM – Grand Bazaar for Shopping
(See Map)
• PIctures at Lantern Store
(Sometimes you have to offer
money for pictures)
• Buy Tea Set
• Try Baklava
• Tip: You can get better deals by
shopping just outside of grand Bazaar: Beyazit on Map.
• 5:50 PM- One hour before sunset visit rooftop. (See Map for Location):

• These are pictures of the cafe where you access the rooftop –
• 7:00 PM Dinner with Whirling Dervishes: Ottoman Park (See map)
• After dinner – Dondurma (Fun Sticky Ice Cream People). The location of the best Ice
Cream Stand is called Jasmine Spice Shop next to a McDonalds. (Location marker
is in the map above)

Sept 29 Istanbul Make Up Day
• 9:00 AM Cağaloğlu – 300 Year Old Turkish Bath (Hamami)
• Book Here:
• Tip: Have AirBnB Set up Taxi to Car Rental one day before you go. Make sure
taxi is a large taxi for all our luggage.
• Do anything we didn’t finish the day before or relax.
• 1:00 PM – 360 Panorama Restaurant (See Map)
• Return to Hagia Sophia for nighttime worship services Check Prayer time and arrive
30 minutes early

Sept 30 Istanbul to Ephesus
• 10:00 AM Take Taxi to pick up
car rental for the rest of the trip.
*You don’t need a car until you
leave Istanbul (See Map for Car
Rental Location at Hilton
• Leave for ephesus/Nea Effesos
Hotel (See Map). 5 Hours 17
Minute Drive

Oct 1 Ephesus to Pamukkale
• 8:00 or 8:30 AM – Ephesus South
Gate at opening. Arrive at opening
Either 8:00 or 8:30 depending on the
time of year. (See Map)
• Leave for Hal-Tur Hotel (See Map) –
2 Hours 40 Minute Drive
• Upon Arrival eat at Teras Restauran
(See Map)

Oct 2 Pamukkale to Cappadocia
• 6:30 AM – Heirapolis/Pamukkale South Gate
• Tip: The south gate opens at 6:30 AM the rest of the gates open at 8:00 AM I
• 9:00 AM Cleopatra Pools also within Hierapolis. (Swimming in Ruins)
• Tip: Swimming and Pictures are an extra cost so skip this if you don’t want to
pay extra
• 11:00 AM Drive to Koza Cave Hotel in Cappadocia. 7 Hour 41 Minute Drive

Oct 3 Cappadocia
• 5 AM Pick up at hotel for Hot Air Balloon
Ride – Book
• 12:00 PM: Kelebek Hamami – Turkish Bath
(See Map)
• Email for Booking
• 5:00 PM ATV’s at Sunset (See Map). Book


Oct 4 Cappadocia
• 5:30 AM Wake up for Hot Air Balloons on
Koza Cave Rooftop
• 12:00 PM Galerie Ikman (See Map) –
Carpet Store and Photos
• Book in person as soon as you
arrive in Cappadocia.
• 6:00 PM Choco Labs at Nissara (See
• Be Prepared for no one to understand english.

Oct 5 Cappadocia
• 10:00 AM Kaymakli Underground City (See Map)
• Book at location.
• Tour Guides available for more information.
• 2:00 PM Explore Cappadocia and do anything that we missed or looked cool

Oct 6 Fly Home
Wifi Hotspot I take on all my vacations:


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In this video we Travel Turkey and visit all the best places and find the best things to do. We give you the tips to make your trip not just a vacation but a tour of all Turkey. This Turkey Travel Guide took me months so that I could show you the Best way to tour Turkey.